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Westminster has now released a draft version of its Cycling Strategy. Complementing the Mayor of London's Vision for Cycling in London, this strategy outlines how the vision will be achieved at a more local level. It represents a distinct change from many of Westminster's policies in the past, even including an identification of parts of the city where some reallocation of car parking bays could take place towards other more sustainable uses!

The document consists of the following sections:

  1. Introduction. This includes the vision 'to make Westminster a national leader in cycling provision, making it safer and more attractive for a greater number of people, from all backgrounds, to cycle more frequently.'
  2. National, Sub-Regional and Westminster Context. This section highlights recent changes in travel patterns, in particular the growth in cycling at the expense of other modes. (See graphs.). It also recognises that walking and cycling have a key role to play in encouraging people to lead healthier lifestyles through physical activity and staying more active and independent for longer. And it acknoweldges that encouraging modal shift away from car journeys towards more sustainable options such as walking and cycling can help to improve some of the poorest air quality in the country.
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    cyclists entering CCZ
  3. Opportunities and Challenges. Among other things, this section includes some interesting analyses of attitudes towards cycling and market segmentation.
  4. A Westminster Vision for Cycling and Objectives.The high-level objectives are:
    1. To create safer and more legible routes for cyclists
    2. To encourage considerate interaction between different road users
    3. To facilitate bicycle access and storage
    4. To encourage the uptake of cycling amongst a broader cross section of the community
  5. Delivering change. The main areas of activity correspond to the high-level objectives, namely:
    1. Safer and more legible routes
    2. Improving road user interaction, education and enforcement
    3. Bike ownership and storage
    4. Increasing awareness and participation
    This section will be expanded as further details of the Mayor of London's projects are published.
  6. Implementation Plan.This wil be completed once bidding guidance associated with the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling is made available.

The initial draft document will be developed further in consultation with key stakeholders, residents and visitors to Westminster over spring/summer 2013, with a final document taking into account comments raised during the consultation to be published in late summer 2013.

Colin Wing, chairman of Westminster Cycling Campaign, said: "It is clear that a colossal amount of effort has gone into this strategy, which marks a very welcome change from some of Westminster's policies in the past. It is particularly gratifying that Westminster now recognises many of the things cyclists have been telling authorities for many years. Cyclists are also likely to find the strategy an interesting read. We look forward to working with the council to develop further and implement the stategy."

Read the strategy for yourself (PDF 4.058MB) »

We will publish details of how you can comment on the strategy once these are available.

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