Westminster Threatens to remove bikes locked to street furniture

Westminster council is putting flyers on bikes parked on lamp posts saying it will remove them. Is this even legal? The attached sign was left on my bike in St Martins |Lane.  If they expand it then cycle parking will be impossible as there as so few cycle stands


  • By Anita at 6:15am 6 November 2015

I have received a similar flyer when I locked my bicycle to a lampost. I was shocked to see the usage of words like 'hazard' in it as we who are bicycling are caring for the environment and it is the responsibility of the officials to provide more parking slots. I have read from best essay writing services that there are very parking spots all over Westminster and cover only 70% of the bicyclers needs. What about the rest? Where should we park? Is it so difficult to move a foot towards left or right for the pedestrians when obstructed by a bicycle? If being environmental friendly is a crime in Westminster then I am happy to receive the punishment for my actions.

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