Where's my magazine?

4th August and I haven't recieved the Aug/Sept London Cyclist magazine. It never seems to arrive before the month to which it relates but it does come. I suppose my expectations have been raised because some monthly magazines are on the news stands in the middle of the month before. My CTC magazine arrived last week, and my Veteran-Cyclist Club (+ 'The Bone Shaker') magazine arrived at the beginning of the week.

I know that London Cyclist relies on a lot of voluntary effort, contributions and editing etc - and it must be largely a thankless job. And I guess  that the newsletters have to be inserted for the different areas too, which may delay its arrival. It's a good read, but it is a shame though if some of the events that are advertised have passed before the magazine arrives.


Hi Jon - for the very reasons you outline, we deliberately changed the 'drop dates' (when members receive their mags) a year ago, so that they were more consistent. For example, instead of having an Aug/Sept issue appear in mid July, which was proving confusing for members, contributors, advertisers and suppliers alike, we worked it so that such an issue would appear in the first week of August. So now London Cyclist should be with members in the first week of alternate months - much simpler. We have also moved to another printer, a bit closer to home, which should also make the whole distribution process easier.
I know that members have been receiving their copy of the new look Aug/Sept issue too, as I've had a number of congratulatory emails. If you still haven't received your copy, perhaps give the membership team a call at the office? cheers
John K

I only received mine yesterday (Friday 5 Aug), so perhaps yours has arrived now?

It's true we have a number of volunteer writers and photographers, but also a good number of seasoned pros such as John, the editor, and Anita, our designer.

This is reflected in the continuing improvements we've seen issue by issue.

Mike Cavenett
Communications officer

Think mine arrived 5/Aug, too!  Great read.

It arrived Friday 5th August. Thanks John and Mike for your responses.  I agree that the magazine gets better and better. Thanks to all involved in producing and distributing it.

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