White Ghost Bicycle Charity Badge

Does anyone know if there is a ' White Ghost Bicycle Badge Charity '? If not, does anyone think such a charity badge campaign would be possible, desirable, appropriate? One would wear the badge like a poppy, with profits to the families of fallen riders. Mikey


That would be an excellent idea. I have also done research and I have found nothing that points towards it's existance. I really think that this is a good concept that you should (very big need for it) introduce.

Well I wouldn't know how to go about it, not business minded. After checking any copyright issues, one'd need a badge manufacturer (like Remploy?), distribution as well as 'net & media promotion. Sounds complicated & expensive to start up, unless already in that line & have volunteers to help. Will people buy them? Or will charity fatigue set in?
  • By anna_g at 12:43pm 20 November 2013

Maybe discuss with http://www.roadpeace.org/ ?

  • By phufbl at 1:46pm 20 November 2013

I would prefer profits to go to a road safety campaign (or the LCC?) than to families or individuals.

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