Why cycle in London?

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I am a graphic designer and a group of us are currently working on a project to try and increase cycling in London. We are conducting a very short survey to try and get an idea of people's motivations for cycling etc. 

I fully appreciate that we all tend to get bombarded with survey requests nowadays, though to offer some form of defence, our survey really is VERY SHORT and should take around 2 minutes to complete (maybe less!).


Why cycle in London survey:



If anyone could take the time to complete it, it would be massive help to us.

Many Thanks


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When you ask "What are you favourite parts of cycling in London", what do you mean? Geographical places?, routes?, accessories, emotions or.....what?!

  • By nomeski at 3:21pm 25 January 2013

It could be any of the above (sorry not to be more specific!). We're looking for key points which could be used as inspiration for people to cycle which could range from something as specific as the views when cycling over waterloo bridge (one of my own favourite parts) or more general ones like being outside and in my own space.

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