William Street crossing to Hyde Park blocked

The bicycle/pedestrian crossing to Hyde Park from William Street has been blocked for over a week. Yet there are no alternative safe crossings nearby and no traffic lights to stop or slow the dangerous and fast traffic across the A4 speedway.

It is not just cyclists at risk but also pedestrians. as several people (especially tourists) risk sprinting across the A4 in spite of aggressive driving. There is no rerouting or any assistance provided, just unhelpful signs and barriers which have been extended across the area (presumably to counter the number of citizens trying to cross into Hyde Park.) 

Could the LCC report raise this issue further, as the organisation will hopefully have more clout than a mere resident.


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  • By gegi at 12:45pm 25 May 2012

Thanks to a memebr flagging it up we have already raised this. The problem with road works is their temporary nature. So by the time action would be taken they are often finished.


  • By paul at 3:23pm 28 May 2012

I suppose the general point is that if cycling facilities are closed diversions should be signed as a matter of course.

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