Wish we had Infrastructure like this!

Please add your favourite infra :-) Here are some examples...

Mesh frame cycle bridge:


Hovenring Floating roundabout 70m across, similar one in Stavanger, Norway too:


Meandering bridge, central part up in 1 day, it says!


Copenhagen's Bike Snake bridge:


Big indoor Bike Park in Utrecht, with another 3 times bigger on the way!


Nescio Bike bridge Amsterdam


Benelux Bike Tunnel, Rotterdam, with poem on wall to read while cycling!


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Some ideas in pictures that can be downloaded. It was suggested by the ipv Delft website


http://www.doelbeelden.nl/index.asp?v=gebiedstype&id=24&d=bicycle infrastructure .

Gizmodo's Best Bike Infra in the World!


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Copenhagen is now officially the first Bike City in the World. Last year, it was also voted the ‘Best city for cyclists’ and the ‘World’s most liveable city’. The Danes are well known for their love of cycling, with over *390 kilometres of designated bike lanes* and most children can cycle by the time they *start* school!


I meet plenty of Danes and most love their bikes as to buy a car is twice the cost of  buying one here in the uk,They also say we have the worst cycle riders they have ever seen and would benefit by useing their  system of fines .Copenhagens fines for all cyclists are 1000 kroner about £ 115 which is why no one jumps lights or rides on the pavement even as i saw at 2am.Jenny Jones said on lbc that" no cyclists should be fined in case it deters them from cycling",Of course their is always a lorry driver to blame.

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"They also say we have the worst cycle riders they have ever seen". With cycle friendly streets most cyclists will obey the rules - treat people as outlaws and they will behave accordingly.

Yes Paul, I remember reading that no-one cycling in the Netherlands has to wait more than 8-11seconds at a red light, which combined with 'Simultaneous Green' and 'Green Wave' signalling means it's quicker to -wait for a green signal-.

Here it is the other way round, a timer flashes at grandma crossing, "hurry, or you might get run over in 10secs"!

And in addition to the above infra, check out the 'Erasmus Bridge' in Rotterdam. Looks like a London river crossing, but far superior.

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Great to know about the authorities in this NL city being so positive and proactive that even when the facilities are among, if not the best in the world, they still look for further improvements to help people choose which side is quicker.

Whereas in UK, they are still 'consulting' on *whether* London will have 1 bi-directional cycleway, on 1 side of the road, that won't even be full width, or with full segregation along its whole run. This is laughably called a 'SuperHighway' in a city of millions. And so far, only 2 will be 'upgraded' like this!


Forgot this, another bridge in NL, more on Bicycle Dutch site!


Peace bridge, Calgary, Canada
This 126m single-span bridge uses an open double helix structure, with glass ‘leaves’ filling the top section to give some protection against the elements. The 2.5m-wide bicycle lane...

8 House, Copenhagen, Denmark
People living in these apartments can cycle from their front door – which could be 10 floors up – down to ground level without ever getting off the saddle...


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