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LCC guided rides to Skyride

Our local groups are organising 54 guided rides to the Mayor of London Skyride on 4 Sep. The rides start at locations all over London and one is bound to be near you.
Below is a list of the rides and a link to register on the Skyride website.
Please note that there will also be return rides, the details of which can be found here

Barking 10am http://is.gd/m6JWCt
Barnet 10am http://is.gd/LakZBt
Abbey Wood 9am http://is.gd/3KfqHY
Kingsbury 10am http://is.gd/lG0phE
Gladstone Park 10:30am http://is.gd/Hz9m7u
Bromley 9am http://is.gd/pFxl0q
Crystal Palace 9:15am http://is.gd/OX2Ogo
Swiss Cottage EARLY 10:30am http://is.gd/1xcScy
Swiss Cottage LATE 12noon http://is.gd/DwXAFX
Croydon 9am http://is.gd/dZUcQB
Ealing EARLY 9am http://is.gd/Tq8ImA
Ealing LATE 9:30am http://is.gd/MjEfTb
Ealing EVEN LATER 10am http://is.gd/CHUx04
Edmonton 9am http://is.gd/DcHYzo
Enfield 10:30am http://is.gd/kv1AYB
Cutty Sark 11am http://is.gd/0GQn15
Woolwich 9:30am http://is.gd/syp90r
Eltham 9am http://is.gd/EDyeeF
Stamford Hill 10am http://is.gd/CZYZJP
Hackney EARLY 10am http://is.gd/aeWcOL
Hackney LATE cancelled cancelled
Hammersmith 10am http://is.gd/XStfJF
Fulham 10am http://is.gd/IXlkRJ
Crouch End 9:30am http://is.gd/FK3N7D
Tottenham 10am http://is.gd/n8jRcJ
Harrow 9:30am http://is.gd/sRLGfO
Gidea Park 9am http://is.gd/UkRCyP
Elm Park 9am http://is.gd/NDuR4Q
Ickenham 9am http://is.gd/aot9nq
Hounslow 9:30am http://is.gd/k76F3d
Highbury Fields EARLY 10am http://is.gd/8hT5jK
Highbury Fields LATE 12noon http://is.gd/D7mQak
Kingston 10am http://is.gd/VAKEIu
Streatham 10am http://is.gd/5mGYuQ
Clapham Common 10:30am http://is.gd/TyYDkY
Bell Green 9:30am http://is.gd/L7cS47
Grove Park 9:30am http://is.gd/Xq8ll0
Wimbledon 10am http://is.gd/Gtu71U
Mitcham 9:30am http://is.gd/4WSQoe
Stratford 10am http://is.gd/nGivrZ
Wanstead 9am http://is.gd/hKVZbE
Richmond EARLY 9am http://is.gd/50Lw0L
Richmond LATE 10:30am http://is.gd/MmF6fL
Peckham Rye Park 10:30am http://is.gd/qsUht5
Peckham Rye Park 12noon http://is.gd/W39XfM
Sutton 9am http://is.gd/uPxtC5
Carshalton 9am http://is.gd/cRcWpb
Mile End EARLY 10am http://is.gd/bboUUL
Mile End LATE 11am http://is.gd/kSLOwj
Chingford 9am http://is.gd/LyWCg4
Walthamstow 10am http://is.gd/5ul7e7
Leytonstone 10am http://is.gd/jCq8Jt
Tooting Bec 10:30am http://is.gd/XjJuaZ
Kensal Rise 10am http://is.gd/92sbQI

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12:00am 4 September 2011
12:00am 4 September 2011
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Barking and Dagenham
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Posted by London Cycling Campaign at 1:30pm 18 August 2011

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Hi, I would like to take part in the Sept 4th Central London skyride with my family, 2 adults and 3 kids, but live in Leicester. Am wondering where I could park and ride from to join the route without cycling anywhere dangerous with the 3 kids in tow. Don't know London that well so your list isn't useful for me. Hope you can advise me. Thanks.

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