Over the Hills and Not So Far Away

  • From: 09:00am 09 Feb 2013
  • To: 05:00pm 09 Feb 2013
  • Event type: Ride
  • Contact: Jane 07826 559 603
  • Difficulty: Hard



OK. Here’s the thing. I rode out to check next week’s route today. It was a lovely ride, if a hilly one. Except for the first ten miles or so. When I’ve done this ride before, I don’t really think about them much, just ride them as quickly as I can, as a way out to the pretty. Today, I had my ride leader recceing hat on and was trying to see all the ride as others might see it. And there is no getting away from it, the first ten miles or so to Coulsdon are mean. Not pleasant. Lots of fast nasty roads, horrid junctions, everything we want to get away from at the weekends.

I can make the first 5 or so better. Quieter, residential roads. But the bit from Croydon is difficult to avoid, unless you add quite a few more miles, which makes the ride too long for a February, still short on daylight hours, especially as we may be slow due to hills.
So here’s the deal. There is a train at 9.03 am from London Bridge, the Horsham train, which stops at South Coulsdon. It also stops at New Cross Gate, Norwood Junction, East Croydon and Purley. It gets to Coulsdon South at about 9.30 am. I propose we take this train, to avoid the bits that spoil this lovely ride. I will be at New Cross Gate at 8.45am to meet anyone who wants to join me next Saturday 9th February for this rather lovely ride.

So, meet outside New Cross Gate Station 9.00 am  Saturday 9th February

Up over Farthing Common.  A beautiful swoop above South London, then down into Surrey and Kent, following quiet lanes across the Pilgrims’ Way till we climb back over the North Downs near Knockholt.  Somewhere around Knockholt, we will stop for lunch, before heading back to suburbia on our return to inner London and home.  Make sure you bring a few snacks and some drink- lunch will be after the half way point.  Also, bring lights. The start is not a late one and so we should be back well before dark, but there are hills, we are not fast and it is still getting dark fairly early.

The ride is one of our harder ones- quite a few hills and about 50 miles.  Suitable for most bikes.  If you have any questions please, read our ride information page first and if the answer you seek is not there, by all means ring or text me.

A link to the provisional route is below.  It may change slightly after I check it all out again over this coming weekend. gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5802527 Jane 07826559603


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  • By jane at 07:20pm 06 Feb 2013

Apologies Jane - I have now pasted in revised ride details above.  Kind regards  - Teri

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