Sunday 30th June: Lewisham Cyclists' Alongside the Pool River and a Few South London Parks

  • From: 10:30am 30 Jun 2013
  • To: 03:30pm 30 Jun 2013
  • Event type: Ride
  • Contact: Jane 07826559603
  • Difficulty: Easy

Sunday 30th June: Alongside the Pool River and a Few South London Parks Meet 10.30 am Ladywell Fields Café

Ride down the Waterlink Way as far as south Norwood Country Park. Then to Crystal Palace Park, Dulwich Park, Peckham Rye, Hilly Fields and back to Ladywell Fields. This is about 20 miles, lots of off road cycle path with a few bits of on road here and there- not too busy I hope. I would classify this an easy ride, although there is one hill in Crystal Palace, but you could walk up this and it wouldn’t be a problem. This ride is suitable for families- however if you do plan to bring an under 15 year old, ring me first. A 9 or ten year old used to regular walking and cycling would probably manage fine, whereas even a 14 year old not used to this kind of physical activity could well struggle. 20 miles is quite a distance, especially if all you do is cycle round the block now and then.

Anyone under the age of 16 who joins our easy rides must be accompanied by an adult, who has to take full responsibility for their safety.

We’ll stop off at a park café along the way for tea/coffee/lunch. Or bring a picnic if you prefer. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Please ensure your bike is in full working order and bring a spare inner tube.

Contact – Jane 07826559603 (texts preferred!)

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