Board committees advise and oversee staff members in key areas

Four main committees oversee our activities, and each is chaired by an elected board member:

  1. Finance and administration
  2. Campaigns and active membership
  3. Income generation
  4. Human resources

There are also numerous specialist campaign committees including:

  1. Superhighways
  2. HGVs
  3. Cycling Planning and Engineering
  4. Olympics
  5. Canals and parks
  6. Public transport
  7. Cycle parking

The responsibilities of each committee as well as their current membership are set out below.

If you're interested in becoming a member or finding out more about any of these committees, please contact us.

Finance and administration committee

This committee includes people with experience of business and charity finance, and meets with the chief executive and the finance team regularly:

  • Tony Levene (Chair)
  • Charles Barraball
  • Jennie Hall

Campaigns and active membership committee

This committee plans our immediate campaiging tactics, including ways of motivating and engaging our membership in these campaigns:

  • Mustafa Arif (Chair)
  • Rik Andrew
  • Charles Barraball
  • Johnny Chatterton
  • Alastair Hanton
  • Clare Neely
  • Oliver Schick
  • Danny Williams

Income generation committee

This committee works with the staff responsible for service provision and income generation to maximise our revenue:

  • David Love (Chair)
  • Andy Cawdell
  • Alastair Hanton
  • Ann Kenrick

Human resources committee

This committee is populated by board members with experience of personnel, and oversees staff matters:

  • Austen Cooper (Chair)
  • Charles Barraball
  • Robert Bothwell

Other committees


This group meets to discuss the major infrastructure changes around the Superhighways, and to make sure our many borough groups lobby with a single voice.


This committee includes representatives from other stakeholders such as CTC, RoadPeace and Living Streets to address the crucial issue of lorry danger.

Cycling planning and engineering

This committee contains most of our technical experts and it meets to formulate policy advice for all of the campaigns committees.


Meets regularly to discuss issues around the 2012 Olympic Games, including parking and access for bikes, and legacy programmes.

Canals and parks

Discusses issues such as improving access rights, improving cycle paths, encouraging responsible shared use, and other issues.

Public transport

This committee discusses policy objectives towards integrating cycling with existing and planned public transport in Greater London.

Cycle parking

Meets to discuss lobbying around major planning applications in Greater London, and to create proposals for improved bike parking facilities.