Board committees advise and oversee staff members in key areas

Four main Board sub-committees oversee our activities, and each is chaired by an trustee:

  1. Finance and Administration
  2. Campaigns &Active Membership
  3. Income Generation
  4. Human Resources

The responsibilities of each sub-committee as well as their current membership are set out below.

If you're interested in becoming a member or finding out more about any of these sub-committees, please contact us.

Finance and Administration Committee (FAC)

This sub-committee includes people with experience of business and charity finance, and meets with the Chief Executive and the finance team.

  • Tony Levene (trustee, Chair)
  • Claire Wren (trustee)
  • Paul Megson (co-opted)
  • Nick Davies (co-opted)

Campaigns & Active Membership (C&AM)

Meeting regularly with the staff Campaigns Team, this sub-committee takes oversight of our campaigns, including helping to increase the engagement of members and supporters in these.

  • Mustafa Arif (trustee, Chair)
  • Rachel Aldred (trustee and Chair of the Policy Forum)
  • Oliver Schick (trustee)
  • Suzanne Fogg (trustee)
  • Alastair Hanton (co-opted)
  • Clare Neely (co-opted)

A number of working groups report to this sub-committee, including the Infrastructure Review Group (co-chaired by Clare Neely and Rik Andrew) and the Cycling Planning & Engineering Committee (CPEC; chaired by Clare Neely).

Income Generation Committee (IGC)

This subcommittee works with the staff responsible for our marketing and service provision/consultancy work.

  • David Love (trustee, Chair)
  • Ann Kenrick (trustee, and Chair of the Board of trustees)
  • Dan Barnes (trustee)
  • Alastair Hanton

Human Resources Committee

This committee meets with the Chief Executive to oversee our ohuman resources policies and procedures:

  • Mel Grech (trustee, Chair)
  • Austen Cooper