We welcome members who want to get involved by becoming elected to our board of trustees

Ann Kenrick (elected 2013-15), Chair

Ann has been passionate about cycling for over 40 years. Previously, she was a trustee of the ETA, and in 2000 set up the East Dulwich Grove Safe Routes to School, gaining £350k of government funding. In 2009, she wrote a book campaigning for walking and cycling to school.

Tony Levene (2013-15), Treasurer and Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee

Tony is the Harrow local group coordinator. He works towards a louder and more coherent voice for local groups, especially in outer London, with more guidance especially in campaigning. He's a national newspaper personal finance journalist.

Mustafa Arif (elected 2013-15), Chair of Campaigns and Active Membership

Mustafa stood for election after three fellow cyclists at Imperial College, where he was president of the union, died cycling in London. As well as heading our campaigns committee, he’s also the Chair of our Local Groups Forum.

Rachel Aldred (elected 2012-14), Chair of the Elected Policy Forum

Rachel is an academic specialising in cycling, based at the University of Westminster. She’s an expert on policy analysis, and writes regularly for publications, organises events, and has links to transport academics, including many overseas.

David Love (elected 2012-14), Chair of the Income Generation Committee

First elected a board member back in 2005, David represents LCC on several stakeholder steering groups, including Freecycle and Share the Road. He passionately wants cycling to be the everyday activity it used to be.

Melanie Grech (elected 2012-14), Chair of the Human Resources Committee

Melanie runs a regeneration consultancy, and enjoy contributing to improving places, organisations and people’s skills. She’s cycled London’s roads for 34 years (driven for 22) and was trustee of Skyway for three years.

Claire Wren (elected 2012-14)

A civil servant at HM Treasury Claire enjoys cycling to work, as well as spinning round the countryside with a picnic and friends. She's keen to encourage more women to cycle in the capital, and use her skills to campaign for a cycling city.

Suzanne Fogg (elected 2012-14)

After a career in international development, Suzanne moved back to London in 2004. Since then she’s cycled her two children in her cargo bike every day. She is working with LCC local groups towards our 2014 campaign.

Daniel Barnes (elected 2013-15)

Daniel is an experienced fundraiser, having raised over £8000 for LCC in recent years. He wants to use his position to help us to develop our engagement and reach within event fundraising, as well as to find innovative ways to connect with new members.

Oliver Schick (elected 2013-15)

Olivier has been a campaigner with our Hackney group for 14 years and has also been a board member previously. He's passionate about transport policy and wants to help the LCC develop a 'Vision for London' to set the agenda alongside a broad coalition of organisations.