What does the Policy Forum do?

The Policy Forum reviews and develops LCC's policy positions. It meets quarterly and organises a regular seminar series (open to the public) to encourage debate on cycling policy. The seminar series launched on Monday 8th April 2013 with Andrew Gilligan, London's Cycling Commissioner, speaking.

Quarterly forum meetings are open to LCC members, who are welcome to speak (although only Forum members can vote) and to join the Policy Forum mailing list. We are working on a range of issues, recent and current projects including:

Love London Go Dutch Matrix - a matrix to assist speedy assessment of schemes against the Love London Go Dutch criteria (completed).

Inclusive Cycling - a pilot developing LCC's policy on cycling for all (in progress).

When do Cyclists Need Protected Space? - a policy pilot exploring the 'trigger points' at which motor vehicle speeds and volumes make protected space for cycling necessary (completed).

Policy on Buses and Bikes (completed).

Traffic Enforcement - a policy pilot developing LCC's position in relation to the legal treatment of moving vehicle offences (in progress).

We also developed the priority campaign themes for LCC's Election Campaign in 2014.

 To find out more and get involved, please see our 'Current projects' page or contact Rachel (rachel@lcc.org.uk), Chair of the Policy Forum.

Next meeting

The next quarterly policy forum meeting is on Wednesday 29th April, at 6:30pm. Unusually this will not be at the LCC offices but at Baker St. After that we will meet

Weds 29th July, 6:30pm, LCC offices, Newham's Row.

Weds 28th October, 6:30pm, LCC offices, Newham's Row.

Next seminars

Find out more and book for our upcoming seminars here.