These are some of the issues we've brought into the public eye

We’re actively campaigning to make London a city that’s safe, inviting and enjoyable for everyone to cycle in.

During our Love London, Go Dutch mayoral election campaign in 2012, we secured a commitment from the Mayor of London to make our streets more liveable for everyone by making them as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland.

In March 2013, the Mayor published his ‘Vision for Cycling’ – what we believe to be one of the most ambitious plans to promote cycling ever produced by a major UK political leader.

We’re now campaigning hard to ensure that the Mayor delivers on his promises. Find out more and take action.

Our Space for Cycling campaign, with the help of thousands of Londoners, called on every candidate in the 2014 local council elections in London to support one specific action to create safe Space for Cycling in their local area. 

We’re now following up with those councillors to ensure they’re delivering on their promises. Find out more about Space for Cycling.  

Find out more about some of our earlier campaigns: