London by Cycle

London by Cycle events will begin again in January 2015. Keep an eye on our Twitter  account for the latest news!

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If you would like to run a London by Cycle event during 2015, contact for further information. 


London Cycling Campaign are delivering London by Cycle - a series of pop-up cafe style cycle events to get more students enjoying the benefits of cycling across London. These student events are supported by the Big Lottery Fund, and in west London, delivered in partnership with WestTrans. 

Universities and colleges across London will host a series of two event days with have activities aimed at getting 16+ students cycling more.


What happens at these events?

All activities are FREE to students and staff. 

Event Day 1 is a small warm up event, to let people know about the upcoming main event and what will be available.

Event Day 2 (approx. 3 weeks later) is a larger main event, with more activities available, including:

  • London Cycling Mechanic checks & repairs for your bike
  • London Cycling Sessions - get more confident or learn how to ride
  • Get into cycling talk - find out where to start
  • Lunchtime maintenance session – Find out how to look after your bike
  • Route planning advice - learn the lovely back road routes!
  • Bike try-outs – pick your favourite and take it for a spin



Why run cycling events for students?


The aim of London by Cycle events are to increase confidence, promote cycling as a transport option, and get as many ‘bums on saddles’ as possible!

We're also helping to create or develop a Bicycle User Group (BUG) within each organisation – which will then join our new London Cycling Network - these groups can get students and staff working together to make facilities in and around the college better for cycling. This will be backed up by the expert assessment  of LCC's London Cycling Survey at each institution.

See the latest event photos on our London by Cycle facebook page or find us on Twitter and use the hashtag #londonbycycle.

What's coming up?

The events for the academic year 2013-2014 have now finished. 

If you would like a similar event during 2014-2015, please contact for further information. 




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