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Win VIP wristbands for the Surrey Cycle Classic and watch Mark Cavendish sprint for victoryPublished: 1:36pm 5 August 2011

Do you want to be one of the the first to watch the Olympic cyclists riding the 2012 road race course?
We're giving away VIP wristbands for the Surrey Cycle Classic on Sunday 14 August 2011, when you might be watching Mark Cavendish sprint for vi...

London Cycling Campaign briefs Assembly Members before Blackfriars meeting with MayorPublished: 11:32am 5 August 2011

Leading London Assembly members are calling for a meeting with Mayor Boris Johnson to discuss the Blackfriars traffic scheme, and we've produced a detailed briefing paper that highlights:

the need to retain the 20mph speed limit
the shortco...

London Cycling Campaign members say Going Dutch will lead our 2012 mayoral electionPublished: 3:13pm 3 August 2011

(photo Amsterdamize)
Our members have voted for 'Going Dutch' to be our main campaign theme in the run-up to the 2012 Mayoral Election.
We asked members to vote from four activist-chosen campaigns:

Going Dutch: cycling space on main roads

Hundreds of London cyclists turn out for Flashride to protest against Blackfriars 'urban motorways'Published: 6:49pm 29 July 2011

Estimates vary from 500 to 2000 but whatever the true number, a massive number of London cyclists occupied the whole of Blackfriars Bridgeon Friday night as a protest against Transport for London's plans to proceed with the flawed design for th...

VIDEO: Members explain the issues in our 2012 Mayoral Electoral Campaign... vote today!Published: 5:54pm 28 July 2011

We invited all 11,000 members to play their part in choosing our main theme for our 2012 Mayoral Election Campaign.
Voting ends on Monday 1 August, so you've only got a few days to have your say.
NB: On 5 July all members were sent an email fr...

London Cyclists urged to join Flashride across Blackfriars Bridge on Friday 6pmPublished: 2:31pm 28 July 2011

London Cyclists from all walks of life will meet outside Doggetts at the south end of Blackfriars Bridge tomorrow (Friday 29 July 2011) to show their anger at the Mayor and Transport for London.
There'll be a slow ride across the bridge in each...

London Cycle Hire Scheme expanding west to Wandsworth, Lambeth, and HammersmithPublished: 12:26pm 28 July 2011

The Barclays Cycle Hire scheme is due to expand westwards to Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth and Kensington & Chelsea by 2013.
Additional funding of £25 million is being provided by Barclays, and the Westfield shopping c...

Is it the Mayor or Transport for London pushing through flawed Blackfriars plans?Published: 4:42pm 27 July 2011

Transport for London is ignoring the London Assembly's all-party call for a review of Blackfriars Bridge and a retention of the 20mph speed limit.
TfL has issued a press release saying that it will start works on the bridge this Friday, 31 July...

Diversions around Burgess Park until March 2012 while it gets £6 million makeoverPublished: 6:18pm 26 July 2011

Anyone trying to walk or cycle across Burgess Park during the last few days has found an increasing number of obstacles in their way, as Southwark Council fences and boards off large parts of the green space in preparation for major works.

Cyclists ask for removal of unnecessary roadwork signs in Seymour Place, WestminsterPublished: 10:38am 26 July 2011

This contractor has decided that cycling through a 2m-wide gap is too difficult for most people.
There was no-one there to ask when this photo was taken by an LCC member, but we're tracking down the contractor to see if we can get the signs rem...

£1.2 billion redevelopment of London Bridge station fails to provide for cyclistsPublished: 12:56pm 22 July 2011

London Bridge station is the latest central location due to be subject to a massive redevelopment, but there are serious concerns about the possible removal of cycle routes and lack of attention to dangerous junctions in the area.
(View our off...

All-party support for London Assembly motion calling for rethink of Blackfriars junctionPublished: 2:11pm 20 July 2011

PHOTO: We presented our petition and petition photo collage to London Assembly members to encourage them to support our Blackfriars demands
Conservative members joined all other parties in the London Assembly to call for a review of plans to sc...

Videos from 2004 and 2011 show how little has changed at BlackfriarsPublished: 11:27pm 19 July 2011

In May 2004 over a thousand cyclists joined the mass ride memorial to Vicki McCreery who died under the wheels of a bus as she cycled across Blackfriars Bridge.
Her friend Kirsten sent us this video of the memorial ride:

Vicki was the second c...

Make your voice heard against Transport for London's 'Nightmare' Operating StrategyPublished: 1:33pm 15 July 2011

We've today responded to Transport for London's draft Network Operating Strategy consultation (download our response).
We've highlighted many of its flaws here.
If you want to respond too, you might want to use the letter below as a template a...

Boris says "more work" needed at Blackfriars, while Safety Audit reveals dangersPublished: 12:19pm 15 July 2011

London Mayor Boris Johnson is resisting calls for 20mph limit on Blackfriars but says "more work" is needed to improve conditions for cyclists.
Responding to London Assembly member Jenny Jones, Johnson said, “More work needs to be done on c...