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All the latest from the london cycling campaign

Havering LCC raises profile of cycle parking through bike stand strategyPublished: 12:00am 13 January 2011

photo David Garfield These tall stands designed by a local LCC member have proved a hit in Havering

LCC Havering member David Garfield’s cycle stand caused a bit of a stir when it was launched a few years ago, but has now become a favou...

Save Herne Hill Velodrome campaign sets out vision on its new websitePublished: 12:00am 13 January 2011

photo Save The Velodrome/Hopkins Architects How the new main stand in Herne Hill might look

The campaign to Save The Velodrome has set out ambitious plans to renovate the Herne Hill arena on a new website.
The campaign, organis...

Cyclist recruits record number to Double Our Voice campaignPublished: 12:00am 11 January 2011

photo  One enthusiastic LCC member has signed up 10 of her workplace colleagues

An LCC member at the Metropolitan Police has recruited more new members than any other as part of our Double Our Voice campaign.
Carole Fell-Smith, who work...

Camden Cyclists gain hard-fought safety measure on busy cycling routePublished: 12:00am 7 January 2011

A popular commuter cycling route along Tavistock Place is to be improved after extensive campaigning by Camden Cyclists, the local LCC group.
The improvement is at the junction of Marchmont St and Tavistock Place, part of a controversial segregat...

WIN TICKETS: Cyclists get ready for the London Bike ShowPublished: 12:00am 7 January 2011

Now's your chance to win one of 10 pairs of tickets to the London Bike Show.
Simply sign up one or more new member to LCC as part of our Double Our Voice campaign, and you'll be entered into the draw.
We'll be letting the winners know on...

London rail stations get increased cycle parking despite budget cutsPublished: 12:00am 7 January 2011

photo Steve Rutherford Despite recent improvements to London's bike parking at stations, there's more to be done

Item updated 14.1.11
Network Rail, which owns and operates most major train stations in London, has told LCC that it has allocat...

Department for Transport to make cycling contraflows easier to createPublished: 12:00am 7 January 2011

photo Signs like this are common in Brussels and Paris, where nearly every one-way street is two-way for cyclists

The rule that forbade local authorities from simply adding an 'except cyclists' sign to existing No Entry signs is expected to b...

LCC says Thames Materials must face corporate manslaughter investigationPublished: 12:53am 10 December 2010

LCC is calling for Hanwell-based company Thames Materials and its directors to be investigated for corporate manslaughter after the conviction of lorry driver Dennis Putz.
Putz got seven years in jail for killing cyclist Cathriona Patel outside O...

New online bicycle retailer offers Londoners taste of Dutch lifestylePublished: 12:00am 9 December 2010

photo The Vanhulsteijn Cyclone is one of the more eye-catching bicycles available from new online retailer And Dutch A new online bike shop based in London, called 'And Dutch', has launched, offering "high-quality, stylish bicycles that are m...

Superhighways must be better agree LCC and London Assembly scrutinyPublished: 12:00am 9 December 2010

A London Assembly investigation into the Mayor’s headline cycling projects has welcomed both the Cycle Hire scheme and the Cycle Superhighways, but concludes that the Superhighways need significant improvements.
Assembly Member Valerie Shaw...

CPS refuses to act after motorist filmed threatening to kill cyclistPublished: 12:00am 9 December 2010

A cyclist has complained after the Crown Prosecution Service refused to take action against a motorist who was filmed threatening to kill him as he cycled through Hounslow in November 2010.
Martin Porter QC, a barrister...

Awards recognise London grassroots cycling successesPublished: 12:00am 9 December 2010

photo Kingston Voluntary Action receive special recognition in the community cycling category

Since 2007 Transport for London’s Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFfL) has been suppor...

London cyclists decide it's time to Double Our VoicePublished: 12:00am 9 December 2010

video Cyclists are being encouraged to sign up a fellow cyclist, or to buy them Gift Membership instead

LCC has launched the Double Our Voice campaign, to raise the profile of cyclists in London, ...

Short films celebrate London's cycling diversityPublished: 12:00am 7 December 2010


Every year the Community Cycling Fund for London supports around 50 community cycling initatives.
LCC is proud to launch three short films illustrating the potential and achievements of these initiatives.
The films...

Autumn bike rides with the Kingston Cycling CampaignPublished: 12:00am 7 December 2010

photo bike ride through Gatton Park with the Kingston CC

Dedicated voluntary groups of LCC members organise events and rides in each London borough and support the LCC by campaigning locally.
The local cycling campaigns organise ...