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All the latest from the london cycling campaign

Car use in central London falls and cycling risesPublished: 6:26pm 6 February 2011

The number of people in cars entering central London on weekday mornings (7-10am) has halved in the past decade to 70,000.
During the same period the number of cyclists has more than doubled over the same period, reaching 27,000 in 2009, which is...

Council sees sense as 'no cycling' signs removed from South BankPublished: 12:00am 3 February 2011

The new 'No Cycling' signs on the South Bank will be removed, after LCC activists lobbied for considerate cycling to be allowed.
A spokesperson for Lambeth council said, "The No Cycling signs that have been erected on the South Bank were advisory...

PETITION: Two cyclists seriously injured in London lorry crashesPublished: 12:00am 3 February 2011

photo Cycle training for London's lorry drivers, such as these from Lambeth, can raise awareness and save lives.

 UPDATED: Sunday 6 Feb 2011Sadly, the cyclist hit by the left-turning lorry in Hackney died in Hospital a few days after the c...

Cyclists add to momentum against government plan to privatise forestsPublished: 12:00am 3 February 2011

photo Quench Cycles The Alice Holt Forest Park near Farnham in Surrey in popular with families

Plans by the Government to sell off England’s nationally owned forests are being strongly opposed by many concerned about threats to access, i...

New Soho gym offers bike parking spaces for London cycle commutersPublished: 12:00am 3 February 2011

photo H2 An artists' impression of the new gym in Soho, which will offer "secure' bike parking"

A private gym opening in Soho in April 2011 will have 230 secure bike parking spaces and 40 showers, aiming to attract a slice of London's burgeon...

Rides encourage beginners to try out London women's bike racing leaguePublished: 12:00am 3 February 2011

photo London's women cyclists are gearing up for another summer season with beginner-friendly races

The London Women's Cycle Racing League is holding beginner sessions to encourage new participants in its spring/summer road and track ra...

Sustainable transport teams on receiving end of local budget cutsPublished: 12:00am 28 January 2011

photo Public and private initiatives to increase cycle commuting are being hit by council budget cuts

It's vital that cyclists make their views known to local government as sustainable travel planners across the UK are losing their jobs as co...

Hackney Cyclists Burns Night helps raise £1000 for LCC lorry campaignPublished: 12:00am 28 January 2011

photo Chas Wishere Click the photo above or follow the link to see the evening in all its photographic glory

Over 150 cyclists celebrated Burns Night in the far Highlands of Hackney, toasting the works of Scottish bard Robbie Burns, and rai...

Bristol takes another step toward citywide 20mph speed limitPublished: 12:00am 28 January 2011


photo Over a million Londoners already live in areas where the default speed limit will be 20mph

A citywide 20mph speed limit in Bristol's residential streets has come closer to being a reality after the council's draft transport plan...

Is your London borough planning to spend enough money on cycling?Published: 12:00am 28 January 2011

photo Decisions on whether to spend money on cycle training is now devolved to your local council

Now's the time for London cyclists to tell their borough if they think not enough of their taxes are being allocated to cycling.
Borough spendi...

Cyclist with disability ordered off tricycle on South Bank pathPublished: 12:00am 28 January 2011

photo Cyclists are lobbying for the continuation of considerate cycling rights along the South Bank

The charity Wheels For Wellbeing has complained to Lambeth Council after a lady with a disability was ordered off her mobility tricycle on the...

Transport for London to review outdate cycle parking standardsPublished: 12:00am 21 January 2011

photo Raising bike parking standards at national and regional level is a key factor in improving availability

Transport for London is reviewing its outdated cycle parking standards, according to a Mayoral response.
Meanwhile, the Minister for ...

Cyclist without third-party or legal protection pays heavy damagesPublished: 12:00am 21 January 2011

A student cyclist who incurred heavy financial damages during a crash would have saved thousands of pounds if he'd been an LCC member.
Gary Morgan was in a collision with an large 4wd car, which he maintains was the motorist's fault. However, wit...

Two miles of one-way streets in Tottenham Hale to return to two-wayPublished: 12:00am 21 January 2011

photo The Tottenham Hale scheme will return over two miles of one-way streets to two way

Works have started on the A10 High Road, Haringey, which will return streets to two-way traffic, though campaigners say no enough is being done to encourag...

VIDEO: Campaigners call for end to South Bank cycling banPublished: 12:00am 21 January 2011

 Video LCC says the South Bank can be shared use with considerate cycling

Cyclists who use the South Bank between Lambeth and Westminster bridges are calling for new No Cycling signs to be removed.
LCC supports a pedestrian-priority, co...