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All the latest from the london cycling campaign

Bikeshd website lets cyclists quickly trawl London's online bike salesPublished: 11:00pm 21 July 2010

photo Lost of a bike? This new website allows you to scan photos of a day's sales on eBay and Gumtree 

A new website, Bikeshd, is winning favour among cyclists as a quick way to trawl Gumtree and eBay to find their stolen bi...

More danger from motorbikes in London bus lanes until 2012Published: 11:00pm 21 July 2010

photo Despite an increase in casualties the mayor has extended the motorbikes in bus lanes trial to 2012

The repeat Experimental Traffic Order to extend the trial allowing motorcycles in bus lanes comes into force on Saturday 24 July ...

Cable car across Thames would be first new cycle crossing for 20 yearsPublished: 11:00pm 21 July 2010

photo Charlie Holland The new river crossing hasn't been the only 'Cable car' in the news - click here

A cable car across the Thames looks set to reverse years of neglect after a succession of river crossings have been built ig...

LCC and leading transport organisations call for sustained cycling and walking investmentPublished: 11:00pm 21 July 2010

LCC has helped co-ordinate a concerted call for sustained investment in cycling and walking projects. 
Along with CTC, Sustrans, the Campaign for Better Transport, and Living Streets, LCC has written the following letter to the Eve...

15 August sees Redbridge become London's cycling centrePublished: 11:00pm 21 July 2010

photo TB The recent Skyride in Ealing attracted many families - look out for the Redbridge car-free event

On Sunday 15 August 2010, streets in the Hainault area (including the Redbridge Cycling Centre) will be closed to motor traffic to make ...

First two Cycle Superhighways launch in south and east LondonPublished: 11:00pm 18 July 2010

photo The first two Superhighways have launched, but more work needs to be done to improve standards

LCC has welcomed London's first two Cycle Superhighways, and the greater investment in cycling, but has warned that the rest ...

Lorry-cycling safety measures welcomed but more needs to be donePublished: 11:00pm 15 July 2010

Transport for London's three measures to combat lorry danger have been welcomed, but are not enough to tackle the problem, according to LCC's campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd:
The TfL measures are:

A voluntary agreement with the Freight Transpo...

Transport for London posters must educate lorry drivers as well as cyclistsPublished: 11:00pm 15 July 2010

photo Transport for London's poster doesn't make lorry drivers sufficiently responsible for their actions

Recent attempts to increase awareness of lorry danger among cyclists by Transport for London have been welcomed, but there's con...

Hackney City Farm recruits cyclists from crowds waiting at bus stopsPublished: 11:00pm 12 July 2010

Hackney City Farm will be inviting people waiting at busy bus stops to try cycling into work, lending them a bike for just the cost of a bus fare.
The Farm’s Environment and Enterprise Manager, Gustavo Montes de Oca, will be targeting pop...

Report says mayor's London cycling targets are 'fundamentally flawed'Published: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

A report by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says the central target in London’s ‘cycling revolution’ is "fundamentally flawed".
The report demonstrates how the Mayor’s Transport Strategy is actually antic...

Guard railing progress is depleting London's cycle parkingPublished: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

Transport for London is removing approximately one third of the guard railings on red routes in an effort to reduce street clutter and improve the urban realm.Guard rails can block escape routes for cyclists threatened by motor vehicles, and are a...

LCC encourages members to comment on mayor's theft planPublished: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

Members of the public have until 3 August 2010 to comment on TfL’s new anti-bike theft proposals.
The Cycle Security Plan responds to several of LCC’s demands for reduced bike theft:

Creating a police Task Force on theft, with...

Islington count suggests 25% year-on-year increase in cycle trafficPublished: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

Record numbers of cyclists have been recorded in Islington and Hackney, according to a new cycle count at the Colebrooke Row/City Road crossing.
On a sunny morning in July, 1261 cyclists passed the junction (in all directions) in an hour, ma...

Oppose the scrapping of the congestion charge western extensionPublished: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

LCC is strongly suggesting the public remind the mayor of the adverse effects of scrapping the western extension of the congestion charge zone.
Scrapping the zone will:

cost Londoners £55 million in lost revenue
worsen congestion in We...

Ealing Skyride brings traffic-free cycling to London on 18 July 2010Published: 11:00pm 8 July 2010

On Sunday 18 July 2010 many streets in Ealing will be closed to motor vehicles, making the borough the best in London for cycling that weekend.
The central hub of the eight-mile route will be in Lammas Park, where there'll be many stalls and...