six policy themes

22 May 2014 was when the whole of Greater London re-elected its local councillors, who are the key decision-makers on local street design. They, more than anyone else, have the power to make our local streets more cycle-friendly.

London Cycling Campaigns' elected Policy Forum has developed six policy themes, which we feel are most important to make your neighbourhood safe and inviting for everyone to cycle:

  1. Safer routes to schools
  2. Areas without through motor traffic
  3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
  4. Safe cycle routes through parks and green spaces
  5. 20mph speed limits
  6. Cycle-friendly Town Centres

With your help, we then identified a single measure for each ward (the smallest electoral sub-division): this single measure is based on one of our policy themes, and we lobbied incumbent councillors and candidates to commit to putting that measure in place ahead of the 2014 local elections.

Campaigning at ward level meant our campaign was truly 'local' while at the same time promoting broader LCC policies that benefit the entire city.

However, all the themes are linked to creating the kind of cycling conditions that are hospitable to the young, the old, the nervous and the wobbly, as well as existing cyclists.

Our key aim is to guarantee safe space for cycling for Londoners of all ages and abilities.

Our Six Policy Themes

Our six policy themes are the kinds of measures already shown to work in high-cycling cities and countries, and we want to see all these measures consistently applied across London.

The Space for Cycling campaign is our opportunity to put the ideas on the table at a local level, and build support for them locally.

We believe these measures will not only be good for people who cycle now (they will); they're also helpful in getting many more people cycling, and are also good for non-cyclists in that they help make our neighbourhoods more pleasant and prosperous places for everyone.

Read about how our policy themes might apply in your local area

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You can find out exactly what we called for in each electoral ward by visiting our mapping site