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London Cycling Campaign celebrates 30 years of actionPublished: 12:00am 24 Sep 2008

Next week, London Cycling Campaign – the world’s largest independent urban cycling organisation – celebrates 30 years of lobbying to make London a more cycle-friendly city.
It is fitting LCC’s birthday coincides with Freew...

Pick up an LCC ride to Freewheel near youPublished: 12:00am 05 Sep 2008

Cyclists from all corners of the capital can enjoy an escorted bike ride all the way to this year’s Sky Sports London Freewheel bike event taking place on Sunday 21 September 2008.
Experienced cyclists from London Cycling Campaign will be l...

Community groups to be the stars of the cycling showPublished: 12:00am 29 Aug 2008

Tough youths from warring postcodes cycling together; Asian women riding with their veils on; refugee kids separated from parents by war restore abandoned bicycles; women fleeing domestic violence, on bikes; obese children fighting the flab with p...