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We work tirelessly and effectively to improve conditions for cyclists in Greater London, in the pursuit of a healthier and happier city for everyone.

Your membership is vital to support our efforts, helping to give cyclists a louder voice, and adding weight to our campaigns.

We lobby decision-makers at every level to have cycling placed at the centre of transport and planning policies, striving for very best facilities and the safest streets for you and your loved ones. 

Find out more about our campaigns:

  • Space for Cycling  We launched this campaign in July 2013, immediately after the death of 20-year-old student Philippine de Gerin-Ricard. Space for Cycling will underpin our 2014 election campaign, and we need members to make our voice heard. You can read more about Space for Cycling successes to date here.
  • Love London Go Dutch - 2012 Mayoral Election We asked our members to choose the central theme that will underpin our big push for 2012. Our our most successful campaign ever, 40,000 people signed our petition: "We want the mayoral candidates to pledge to make London more liveable for everyone by making our streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland".
  • No More Lethal Lorries We’ve been instrumental in reducing lorry danger, one of the central tenets of the mayor’s Cycle Safety Action Plan, and we’ve pushed borough councils to greater efforts in driver training. However, more needs to be done to save cyclists’ lives.
  • Beat The Thief Bike theft has been pushed much higher up the policing agenda, and LCC was delighted when a dedicated police Cycle Task Force was created last year, after lengthy lobbing from us. This team of 50 officers has made reducing bike theft its major priority, but crime is still a major issue.
  • Cycle Parking 4 London The mayor and local councils have agreed that the chronic shortage bike parking spaces in London is unacceptable, and we're working with them to identify practical locations for 60,000 more spaces using user-generated content from

Joining us helps to fund our essential efforts, and you can also choose to play an active role in campaigning with us.