Safe and confident cycling is a key skill that Londoners need

We can help you to  support and encourage cycling in your school. We have worked with teachers, parents and students to increase cycling in primary, secondary and sixth form colleges to design cycling programmes and help them bid for funding. Funding is available from Transport for London and your local borough to pay for services and infrastructure.

Our London Cycling Projects Team deliver cycling promotion events and projects across London that help people of all ages develop cycling skills, understand how their bike works and make cycling fun. We also make sure bikes are safe and roadworthy – we have found that often children’s bikes are poorly maintained.  We use experienced and professional cycle trainers and mechanics to help everyone benefit from safe and confident cycling. If we are checking and repairing bike we also supply basic parts to repair bikes.

Services we can deliver for you

Event day(s)which can include:
- Maintenance workshop
- Cycle skills
- Bike checks and repairs
- Route planning workshop
- Pedal powered smoothie maker

Cycle Training and cycle skills sessions

On-road led rides and family cycle rides

Pool bikes, cycle audits and cycle parking

Build your own bike courses – perfect for after school clubs or family projects

Family Cycling

We also work with schools to encourage family cycling – this helps reinforce what children have leant and normalise cycling as something adults do, plus it is an easy and fun way for the family to spend time together and keep fit.

Teachers and Staff

We can also help staff to get the kit and develop the skills they need to commute to work or between sites.  We have found that role models are very important in encourage cycling and having teachers that cycle again normalises cycling as an everyday activity.

Funding for schools

From 2013 schools are no longer eligible to apply for Community Cycling Fund for London. Instead, Transport for London has developed specific grant schemes for STAR accredited schools:

  • School Cycle Grant Programme: grants of up to £3000 are available from Transport for London for schools that register as part of their scheme. Grant money can be used to pay for services that LCC can deliver for you. The focus is on up-skilling, equipment and ideas/events that can be used to establish some sort of regular cycle/bike club.
  • School Cycle Parking Programme: all educational institutions in London are eligible for free cycle parking facilities.

Please note that this support is only available to STAR accredited schools. For more infomration on the STAR programme and the grants application process contact your local borough School Travel Advisor (STA officer), Road Safety Officer or Travel Awareness Officer.

Contact Us

If you like what we do and think we can help you deliver cycling projects in your school then get in touch with us at

Safe routes to school

Safe cycle routes into school will be key in encouraging a cycle culture for students and staff (and  lack of them will be a major barrier). Our local groups and activists are experienced at working with borough councils and Transport for London to improve cycling infrastructure, if you’d like to our help then contact us at