Lobby for improved cycling facilities in Greater London

Local authorities regularly publish consultations in which they ask the public's views on transport and urban planning proposals. If many of us respond calling for more cycle-friendly policies, this can be a very effective form of lobbying.

Current consultations

Please take a few minutes to respond to each:

Tooting Ward - Wandsworth

Deadline: Friday 21st March

Consultation Pack

Two years ago Jon Irwin, supported by his local group in Wandsworth, came up with a new approach to deal with rat-running along the residential streets around his home. A petition then followed, and this week (11th February), a consultation pack has been sent out to local residents.

The final hurdle remaining for the pilot scheme to go-ahead is local people responding to the consultation. If enough people support it, then it will be put in place for a 6 month trial, after which local people will be able to express their views as to if it has been an improvement or not. 

If you live in Tooting, or know people that do, encourage them to respond if they receive the consultation pack.

Other ways you can take action

You can also use the links below to:

Closed Consulations

Transport for London BikeGrid

Tell your Borough and the Royal Parks to get behind the Central London Grid

Deadline: Fri 14 Feb 2014
Comments to grid@tfl.gov.uk  

Transport for London has published detailed plans for a central London BikeGrid of cycle-friendly routes. We believe the proposal has to be improved substantially:

  • The BikeGrid must be designed in a way that makes it suitable for all people who ride bicycles, not just slow or novice cyclists. 
  • Removing through motor traffic (using bollards, for example) should be a core principle of the BikeGrid, helping to ensure no-one cycles on a street with motor vehicles over 20mph or more than 2000 PCUs (passenger car units) per day. 
  • Cycle routes should be direct, with safe and convenient crossings of minor and main roads, in particular the inner ring road and the River Thames.
  • There should be a coherent network of routes, without major gaps that force people on to streets that are unpleasant or dangerous to cycling.
  • The BikeGrid should be delivered in a reasonable time, with 12 months as a realistic timetable.

LCC sets three key tests for the Central London Grid

Read a full explanation of our views on the BikeGrid


City of London 20mph

deadline: Tues 18 Feb 2014
consultation information
comments to philip.everett@cityoflondon.gov.uk

The City of London is proposing a 20mph speed limit on all its streets. We support the measure because it has the potential to reduce casualties by up to 40% for all road users (according to a BMJ study of 20mph limits in Greater London). Lower motor traffic speeds also make for a more comfortable environment in which to walk and cycle, while having a low impact on driver journey times in urban areas. Encouraging more cyclists is likely to help reduce motor traffic congestion in the City, and provide substantial pollution and public health improvements.