We offer great deals on theft insurance, and your purchase supports our campaigning

We know how frustrating and angry it makes you feel if your bike is stolen, and we understand that it’s ten times worse if you’re not insured. 

Our Urban Cycling Insurance offers excellent theft and damage cover for your bicycle at a very competitive rate, with great benefits including 'get you home' cover.

  • Instant 5% discount if you’ve been claim-free for 3 years
  • Policyholders aged 40 or over get an automatic 5% discount
  • Stay claim-free and save up to 30% on your premium
  • Insure any number of bikes worth a total up to £10,000
  • Our policy covers you for cycle commuting and work use
  • New for old cover means a new bike if yours is stolen
  • Hop in a cab with up to £150 'get you home' theft expenses
  • Cover for damage in the event of a crash or vandalism

There are also options for competition/race cover, personal accident, and family cover.

The policy is provided in partnership with Butterworth Insurance Services, who also make a donation to LCC when you buy your policy. 

Get a competitive quote instantly call 0151 427 9529 or visit www.urbancyclinginsurance.co.uk.