You wouldn't drive a car without third-party so why take the risk on your bike?

If you crash your bike into an expensive car such as a Mercedes, you could be found liable and be sued for thousands of pounds in damages.

And if you injure a pedestrian or another cyclist, you could be sued for millions.

Fortunately our third-party insurance, which you can purchase for just £9 as a standalone product, or is inclusive with LCC membership, covers you against claims for damages or injury up to £5 million.

The scheme is available for anyone resident in the UK and is brokered by Butterworth Spengler Insurance Group. To make a claim, contact them on 0151 494 4400.

This cyclist who wasn't covered had a nasty shock, which tragically came straight after a serious crash with a car.

Avoid the stress of not having third-party by purchasing the standalone product or becoming a member today.