You wouldn't drive a car without third-party so why take the risk on your bike?

If you crash your bike into a motor vehicle, you could be found liable and be sued for thousands of pounds in damages. And if you injure a pedestrian or another cyclist, you could be sued for millions. This cyclist who wasn't covered had a nasty shock, which tragically came straight after a serious crash with a car.

Fortunately, you can buy LCC third-party insurance for just £9.50 and cover yourself against claims for damages or injury up to £5,000,000.

Summary of cover: LCC Third Party Cycle Cover

The policy is available for anyone resident in the UK and is brokered by Butterworth Spengler Insurance Group. If you have any questions about the cover, please contact LCC on 020 7234 9310. Or, if you need to make a claim, contact Butterworth Spengler on 0151 494 4400.

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