Upcoming seminars

We have an exciting programme of evening seminars usually held in Central London (most near Baker Street) as well as online webinars. Since April 2013, we've held 27 of these. More details soon about new seminars - the most recent was as per below, with new events planned on analysing transport data, healthy freight, and autonomous vehicles.

Creating Liveable Communities: the impact of motor traffic on local communities, benefits of reducing motor traffic, a how-to guide and discussion.

A special event with academics, advocates, and practitioners, including talks, Q&A, and a workshop. Speakers include Rune Gjøs (City of Oslo), Joe Irvin (Living Streets), Phil Goodwin (UWE/UCL), Lucy Saunders (GLA), Claudia Draper and Nicola Butler (Play Hackney, Play England), Susan Claris (Living Streets Trustee, Arup), Paul Gasson (Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign).