Upcoming seminars

We have an exciting programme of evening seminars usually held in Central London (most near Baker Street) as well as online webinars.

Also, why not look at resources from our previous 22 seminars available here?

19th October: Cycling Level of Service Tool - part 2, with Brian Deegan (TfL)

On 19th October, a follow-up to our summer CLOS seminar, where participants will go out and score a series of locations followed by group discussions about the experience and the results. We will meet on site at 5:30pm (details TBC, but will be Central London, not far from Westminster University), carry out a couple of CLOS audits followed by a discussion about our results. The session will finish by around 8:15pm. Please contact Amy: amy@lcc.org.uk to book. You should have some knowledge of the CLOS tool which forms part of the London Cycling Design Standards.