Upcoming seminars

Our 28th seminar will take place on Tuesday 28th February, at 6pm. We are very pleased to welcome Professor Ralph Buehler who is an international expert on transport policy, with a particular interest in sustainable travel.

Due to high demand booking for this seminar is closed and we are now operating a waiting list. Please click here to join the waiting list.


Title: Reducing Car Dependence: Lessons from Western Europe and the USA

Abstract: Reliance on the automobile for the majority of trips contributes to costly trends like pollution, oil dependence, and traffic congestion.  City, regional, and national governments have the goal to increase the sustainability of their transport systems.  This presentation investigates the interplay between individual travel behavior, transport policies, and the sustainability of transport systems through examples from Western Europe and the USA.  The presentation highlights mutually reinforcing transport and land use policies that have made car use slower, less convenient, and more costly, while increasing the safety, convenience, and feasibility of walking, cycling, and public transport.  The presentation shows that it is possible to reduce car dependence even in affluent societies with high levels of car ownership and high expectations for quality of travel.

Ralph Buehler, PhD is Associate Professor in Urban Affairs & Planning at Virginia Tech in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Most of his research has an international comparative perspective, contrasting transport and land-use policies, transport systems, and travel behavior in Western Europe and North America. He is the author or coauthor of over 50 refereed articles in academic journals, the book City Cycling (MIT Press), as well as reports to federal and local governments, NGOs, and for profit industry organizations.  He currently serves as chair of the Committee on Bicycle Transportation for the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.