49 / M / Islington

I'm a very proud member of the LCC.

I work as a freelance graphic designer, press/commercial photographer and print production expert.

I cycle using one of three bikes:

A Brompton for for when I need to fold it up or jump on the train.

A Kona Cinder Cone mountain bike for when I need to travel fast.

A Babboe E Power cargo bike ( for when I need to travel safely with my two year old young son. The Babboe is by far the best designed and safest bike out there for transporting kids.

I'm an unashamed fan of the Tour de France (I've been watching it since the days of Greg LeMond and Miguel Indurain. I once rode in the closing ceremony of the Tour in Paris (yes, it was totally bloody awesome).

I'm not a big fan of judgemental views on what cyclists should or shouldn't wear. Sometimes I wear lycra, and sometimes I don't. I do wear a helmet through choice and I strongly think that's what it should be. A choice not a compulsion. Other than this I'm pretty flexible and open minded in my views.