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surprised to find that people who maintain this orchid fingers laughed. This is so proud of the extraordinary Zi Xin.
"MY GOD! Late!" Sim Tze nfl jerseys cheap ,aware of what, holding the data go out into the pediment. God! How I would be so unlucky ah, this is my first job ah, do not Ship Even Sank first death! Buddha ah! Jesus, ah! Ah bless!
"Will the interview should be how to go?" "Go straight, turn left." "Thank you!"
"Next, C001258, Xin Zi!" "Yes!" It's God bless, just in time.
"Hello, I am C001258 Xin Zi, I come to apply market planning." "Sit down."
This sounds so familiar ah, it seems that where the heard. Where? Where? Oops! Regardless, the first interview to say.
"Excuse me, Miss Sim, you authentic nfl jerseys,come to our company because of what?"
"Like ah, I like your company name!"
"Ah?" The interviewer was surprised.
"Miss Xin school finance, will be thinking about how to make the market?"
"Like ah!"
"Why do not major in marketing?"
"Because the university to plan just like to know ah!"
"What do you think you have the ability to perform the job?"
"One thing before in the event, who do not know the results how, to do so, you see, will know!"
"Our company has always been a heavy talent, you think you have what allows us to accept your bright spot it?"
"You know why gold will nfl jerseys wholesale,light it? Gold itself is not all the reasons, more importantly, it was found that gold will be light, so the interviewer that you need to look at ah!"
"Miss Sim is really talking!"
"The fact is that ah, huh, huh!"
"Miss Sim's theory is really special. I was the first time I heard the local gravity can also be uneven!"
Earth's gravity? ... ... Is not it, how I sound so familiar that it turned out, the original hit me in the morning that 'plague'! I'm not that Johnson, right? Wukong ah! Come and save me ah!
"This ... this ..." Xin Zi also tasted nfl jerseys china,

what is embarrassing. "I ..."
"Nothing, Earth's gravity is uniform distribution of the question, I think, I think we have to ask Newton, I ..." Xin Zi incoherent. Forget it, fight it! I'm the bad luck! "This morning things can not blame me, you even hit me twice, so I ..."
"Is not to apologize, ah, ah wholesale jerseys from china,

too late now!"
"You can apologize, you have to give me an apology!"
"Me?" Said the interviewer pointed to his surprise.