73 / M

LCC voluntary envelope stuffer many years ago

Commuted to work from Staines  to Gillette and experienced in the inadequacies of the A4 cycle tracks

Relocated to  Hampshire 30yrs ago and missing a credible campaigner like LCC here.

Recently taken up CTC Right to Ride work for Eastleigh.

Ride any of my stable of racer, Moutain bike, ATB and folder - just about everything but electric (tenpted but afraid it might lead to lack of cycling form).   Sorry not into recumbent/ tandem  either.

Ride extensively around South Hants as well  as regular trips to the Charente with folder on FlyBE, Eurostar, TGV and local rail in France

In the past took a Bike Events End to End with son aged 10 (child abuse or what?), but seem to be forgiven when we teamed up again when he was 30 and en route back to  the UK after 4 years in Japan for a 4 week self programmed tour of the length of  Vietnam.