42 / M / Wandsworth

I used to cycle a lot in Dorset whilst growing up. I took it up again in a big way since 2010 when I bought a new hybrid bike for work, as I visit lots of places around London, carrying about 10kg of kit.

20 months and 5000 miles later, I thoroughly enjoy riding 15 miles to my most distant venues, doing routes like London to Brighton on my hybrid at weekends, or riding the South Downs Way on my mountain bike.

My daughter likes riding around with me on our tag-a-long trailer bike - a great success. We might have to invest in a second-hand tandem when she outgrows it.

In Autumn 2011 I got a touring bike - that's certainly the answer for my road cycling!

But now I've got the bike bug... I feel an indestructible single-speed monster-cross bike crying out to me. Maybe that's my next cheap eBay project? Tragically my hybrid had vertical drop-outs so didn't really fit the "indestructible" part of that and had to go...