59 / M / Redbridge

I am a  cycling solicitor with McCormacks Law in Stepney. I also happen to be an occasional motorist but for the last 25 years I have commuted the 8 miles or so from home, over the  Bow flyover or through the lethal roundabout and along what is now the CS2 along Bow Road and Mile End Road to Aldgate. For some years before it was all the way from East Ham to Euston up and down the City Road. I have been hit by cars on three occasions in that time, twice thrown onto the bonnet. on all occasions the motor vehicle drove straight across a cycle route to collide with me in a cycle lane. That particular superhighway on Bow Road- with virtually no delineated cycle lane along its length has actually made the route manyfold more dangerous- not safer in my view of having ridden it for many years.  Whereas without a lane you could cycle defensively in the body of a lane of traffic- this silly blue pretend cycle lane is no lane at all. It confuses motorists who discover that suddenly their lane runs right across the blue lane. Or is it a lane at all? Maybe its just paint. It delineates nothing. The campaign must fight for these routes to have proper, separated cycle lanes, not the fake ones which are springing painted blue which guide people to their next injury.

Cyclists are too slow to use the law to prosecute dangerous and reckless motorists. Use it!