55 / M / Brent

Based in Willesden, I sold my last car in 1996 although I occasionally still drive a Zip car for things I can't do on the bike or on public transport.  I give gift memberships of a year's LCC to those people I regard as our best friends.  As a firefighter of some 27 years in the capital's fire service (whose motto is "Making London a Safer City") I want to make London's roads safer for EVERYONE, but especially the most vulnerable on bikes, on foot or in wheelchairs.  The most dangerous thing I do as an operational watch officer is get to and from work on my bicycle.  That can't be right.  I'm working on it no longer being the status quo - LCC's politics come closest to making things happen.  I have family and friends in Holland and the Go Dutch campaign is our best ever chance of getting the dodgy politicians to do the right thing and make a difference.  I'm here to support LCC and add my name and activities to a growing number of decent people who want to see the environmental and health benefits of cycling to be maximised.