M / Hackney

I've lived in Hoxton since the mid-1980s, and started cycling about 20 years ago when a neighbour sold me a rusty old step-through bicycle. I joined the London Cycling Campaign after finding a leaflet about the organisation in a bike shop. My active involvement in my local borough group began when I received a newsletter asking members to help in the struggle against the building of the M11 Link Road, which threatened to pour large amounts of extra motor traffic into our borough. We didn't stop that road, but we did make it a lot more expensive to construct, and helped to make new road-building a much less palatable policy choice.

Since then I've mostly concentrated my efforts within the borough, working with fellow LCC members, other grassroots groups, and the local council to support the steady growth of cycling here. The London Borough of Hackney now has the highest overall level of cycling in London, and cycling as a mode of transport has grown faster here than anywhere in the UK. There is now the potential for cycling to make up a quarter or even a third of journeys made in our borough, and I look forward to working with LCC members old and new to achieve that.