Whiskey Mick

57 / M / Camden

Just by way of introduction - I've been lecturing, teaching and training auto-motive engineering for twenty something years in a variety of disciples including light vehicle, heavy vehicle, construction plant and motorcycle engineering. I haven't driven in London since July of this year and I'm rapidly reaping the benefits of cycling in this fine city. As you might guess from my profile pic, I'm no MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) and I pootle around on a Pashley Roadster Soveriegn which suits both my personality and disposition!

I play mandolin in THE POPES and if you fancy a look, follow this link. I'm the fella in the top-hat. http://www.myspace.com/thepopesmusic

I also play in a band called 'Whiskey B4 Breakfast' and we play gigs in London on a regular basis. I love Irish music, bluegrass, blues and folk.

Next ambition - ride a penny farthing round London in the rush-hour in a top-hat and tailcoat upsetting all and sundry and waving at people on the top deck of buses hahaha