Making sure London's cyclists have a strong voice

The London Cycling Campaign's mission is to make a city where all Londoners can enjoy better conditions for cycling, creating a cleaner, safer, healthier and happier city for everyone.

In 2014, local election year, we plan to mount our largest-ever campaign to gather popular support around better streets to benefit cyclists and improve our city.

Find out more about our 2014 Space for Cycling campaign, which aims to make streets in your neighbourhood safe and inviting for everyone to cycle.

In 2012, during the mayoral election, we ran our successful Love London, Go Dutch campaign, calling for streets that are as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in the Netherlands.

And for over a decade we've been campaigning to reduce the number of cyclists killed by lorries, most recently with our Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling campaign, calling on the safest lorries and best-trained drivers to be standard across the capital.

Key campaigns


  • 2012 Mayoral Election
  • No More Lethal Lorries
  • Beat The Thief
  • Cycle Parking 4 London
  • The latest issues that matter


  • These are the measures needed to make London a city where more and more people enjoy the confidence to cycle


  • We’ve been campaigning for a more cycle-friendly London for over three decades, and our work is paying dividends
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  • For nearly a decade we've been recognising and promoting best practice with our annual London Cycling Awards