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How to get started cycling

Calling all new cyclists! All the tips you need to start cycling in London.


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If you have never cycled before, firstly congratulations on getting here and making the first step.

London Cycling Campaign is here to make cycling in London safer and more enjoyable for everyone so that anyone who wants to cycle can do so. We’ve got all the advice you need to get started cycling. Let’s start with the basics to get you going.

Bikes and Kit

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to cycling equipment, but don't panic! To cycle in a park on a sunny day you just need yourself and a bike. The most important thing is that your bike fits you well.

Basic Skills

If you're nervous about how to handle your bike safely, start by practicing on a quiet road or park. Once you're happy stopping, starting and riding along safely try out a short local route. Still need help? Keep reading to find out about our Cycle Buddies program.

Finding Routes

More and more protected space for cycling has come to London in recent years, with many schemes introduced due to Covid now becoming permanent. Route finding apps like Citymapper, TfL Go and Komoot are all great options. Still need help? Our Cycle Buddies program can also help you find new routes - keep reading to find out more.

Getting started with your bike

How to Give Your Bike a Safety Check

Follow these basic steps to make sure your bike is in safe working order.
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Buying a Bike Second Hand

Finding a second hand bike that's right for you can be a real challenge - here are our tips on how to be a savvy second hand buyer.
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Bike security

Having your bike stolen in London is a real risk and preventing it is a combination of where and how you lock it up.
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Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our full range of advice below or get in touch.


LCC is highly effective because it's supported by more than 10,000 members. If you cycle in London please consider joining today. You'll be supporting our work and you'll get a huge range of benefits too.


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