1 in 6 London cyclists recognises stolen bike online, survey reveals

Bike theft is a massive problem in the capital, and website sales are a major part of the problem, according to an LCC survey of cyclists, which coincides with the launch of a major anti-theft campaign 'Beat The Thief'. 

The survey reveals the staggering fact that one in six cyclists says they've recognised a stolen bike on a website such as Gumtree and eBay, with two-thirds of these naming the former site as the one in question.

Mike Cavenett, LCC communications officer, said: "Internet sales of stolen bikes are out of control. Imagine if this was stolen cars we were talking about? Something needs to be done about this theft epidemic." 

Bike theft has got out of control
A massive 80% of cyclists say they've had at least one bike stolen, with one in ten people saying they've lost four or more bikes to thieves.

Over 90% of people report never having had any of their stolen bikes recovered. 70% of people claimed the police made only a token effort to get their bike back.

Two-thirds of cyclists report that they use their bike less often because of the risk of it being stolen - a factor that may severely damage the Mayor of London's targets for increasing cycling unless theft is tackled.