1-min action: Tell Westminster today to not cut cycle route

Westminster Council are renowned for their antipathy towards cycling and walking – they’ve recently opposed pedestrianisation of Oxford Street despite major and mounting safety concerns, they’ve legally challenged Cycle Superhighway CS11 despite the section in question being outside their borough, and they’ve produced plans for cycling on The Strand that make virtually no sense (more on this soon). But they’re not just about the big schemes – even down to tiny back-streets they now seem intent on destroying the few vaguely OK cycling routes through their borough they’ve created over the years.

Crossrail works have closed Great Chapel Street for the last few years – severing a useful north-south route from Soho to Fitzrovia, from Carlisle Street, across Oxford Street to Newman Street. Now the works are finishing, Great Chapel Street is set to reopen. But as a one-way street. And without any cycling contra-flow.

You'd be forgiven for thinking Westminster council actively wants to discourage cycling. It would cost very little to reinstate this rare (for Westminster) but much used cycle route, and would have minimal impact on motor traffic flows. The consultation closes 8 February. Please write to the council today calling on them to improve and not remove facilities for cycling.

Email tmo.westminster@wsp.com with subject: 7439/PJ or mentioning this (it’s the traffic management order number) in the email. And ask to keep Great Chapel Street two-way for cycling.

All of the detail is in this PDF. But it is fairly complex. The key points to make is cycling in Westminster should be a lot better than it is, that the council should be seeking to improve cycle routes not cut them apart, and that to do so here means keeping Great Chapel Street open in both directions for cycling.