£140 million Government support for cycling welcomed by London Cycling Campaign

Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Transport, has announced that the Government will be investing £140 million over the next three years to boost cycling nationally.

The funding will be administered by Cycling England, the body set up by the Government to promote cycling. The funding will allow half a million school children to take cycle training, build 250 ‘Safe Links to School’, and create 10 Cycling Demonstration Towns in England.

The funding package includes a contribution from the Department for Health in recognition of cycling’s role in helping build recommended levels of activity into people’s daily lives, and will form part of the government’s forthcoming strategy to tackle obesity.

LCC's Chief Executive Koy Thomson said:

“This is a welcome increase in cycle funding. The bicycle is the world’s most efficient zero-carbon urban transport technology which also runs on ethical biofuel. The £140 million will repay itself many times over in carbon reduction and health benefits. The contribution from the Department for Health is particularly important. We look forward to a similar sized increase in the London cycling budget and a parallel investment from the Department of Health and Primary Care Trusts.”

London Cycling Campaign has produced a cycling manifesto for London which can be seen by following the link on the right.

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