19,000km bike ride for Help for Heroes

Simon Perry Credit: Simon Perry

Simon and his bike.


Simon Perry, 29 year old Brit based in Madrid, is embarking on a 10 month bike ride to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity offering direct support to members of the armed services who have been injured in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.


The ride, from Argentina to Alaska, has been inspired by his brother who was recently stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Simon comes from a military family and so is acutely aware of the problems and issues experienced by servicemen and women when they return to the UK, sometimes with serious injuries.

Another aim of his adventure is to raise the profile of cycling as an easy, environmentally friendly means of transport. Simon grew up with his family in Morden in South London.

‘The local community there is already aware of my trip and the coverage of the bike ride in the local media will inspire more people to take up cycling as a regular mode of transport’, Simon hopes.

Starting on 15th July, the route will take Simon from Argentine, through Chile and Ecuador, to Mexico. From there, he intends to travel along the American East Coast up to Canada and cut across British Columbia to get to his final destination, Fairbanks.

To find out more about Simon’s 19,000km bike ride and his aims and intentions, go to his website – see External Links box on the right.