2 minute action: let’s get a bigger ULEZ


The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (also known as the ULEZ) is part of Sadiq’s plan to cut the harmful levels of air pollution that Londoners are exposed to. The first stage in this plan starts in April 2019 in central London – with people driving older and more polluting vehicles being charged extra to enter the existing congestion charging zone. 

The current consultation is about the second stage – extending the area covered by the ULEZ to the north and south circulars by 2021.

Respond to the consultation now

This is great news – as congestion, unnecessary car journeys and resulting air pollution doesn’t just affect Zone 1!

LCC is partnering with the Healthy Air Campaign – a coalition of campaigning groups fighting illegal levels of pollution – and collectively we want the ULEZ’s benefits extended to everyone in London and as soon as possible to tackle this major hazard to us all.

Take action today

Think link takes you through to Healthy Air’s website. Please fill out their response and use their suggested responses – they’re the same as ours! It’s super-easy, very quick and your response goes directly into TfL’s consultation.

You can read our full response to the ULEZ consultation here.