20 mph must cover all streets under mayoral control

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, will at his weekly press conference today (22 January 2008) announce details of his proposed budget for improving London’s environment and maintaining London’s contribution to tackling climate change – including measures to move forward on 20 mph speed limits in all residential areas.

Koy Thomson, London Cycling Campaign’s Chief Executive, said “Making 20 mph the standard speed limit on London’s streets is top of LCC’s ten point Cycling Manifesto that we have put to all Mayoral candidates. A 20 mph default limit is essential to reduce road danger and promote cycling in London. Coupled with the return of one way systems and streets to two way operation, and small measures to give advantage to cyclists, this could have a significant role in getting people out of cars and onto cycles and reducing London’s carbon footprint.

"As well as support to the boroughs to implement their own 20 mph speed limits, we would hope that this announcement includes all the Mayor’s streets which are residential or have schools.”

London Cycling Campaign will also be looking for an increase in the cycling budget to ensure the promised completion of the London Cycle Network Plus (LCN+) in all 33 boroughs, as well as commitment to new initiatives such as a Paris style mass cycle hire scheme by 2009, and new resources to encourage boroughs to accelerate their efforts to become cycle friendly.

Koy Thomson said “We are looking for an increase in the cycling budget which, if the Mayor has got the climate, environment and health message right for cycling, will continue its growth trend to half as much again next year. This would mean an increase of around £20 million, the equivalent of about 100 metres of Crossrail.”

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Comment from Robin:

This is a great initiative, however I think that it would be good to start with enforcing the rules that are in place right now, for example no parking on school "zig-zag" zones.

Comment from Michael:

I wholly support this proposal. It would make little or no difference to motorists' journey times and would make the roads much safer for cyclists. There is no sensible reason for not having a 20mph limit on all but London's largest roads.