20 on the 20th - 20 mph limit in City of London from 20th July

As of the 20th of July all roads in the City of London, except Lower/Upper Thames St, will have a 20 mph speed limit. The welcome reduction in the limit (from 30mph) vindicates the long standing 20 mph campaign of LCC activists who live and work in the City. LCC’s CEO Ashok Sinha: “LCC has consistently argued for lower speed limits in London – a 20 mph limit in the square mile will help save lives. We welcome the City of London and Transport for London’s steps to reduce road danger in the heart  of the capital.”

 LCC’s mass protest rides over Blackfriars Bridge in 2011 made clear our call for a 20 mph limit and this year we welcomed the Mayor’s decision to trial 20 mph on  Blackfriars and other bridges.  Earlier campaigns, led by City cyclists, engaged in legal action to try and establish a 20 mph limit across the square mile.

All the relevant highway authorities are supporting the new limit. From the 20th of July Farringdon Road, the northward extension of Blackfriars Bridge  and Gracechcurch Road, both controlled by Transport for London, will have 20 mph limit along  with all City of London controlled Roads. Southwark Council has agreed to 20 mph on Southwark Bridge so all bridges leading to the City of London will 20 mph limits - a policy recommended, more than 8 years ago, by a report for TfL.

The City of London Corporation says the new speed limit has police support and is predicted to reduce casualties by around 7% - equal to 30 per year.  Fifty 20 mph signs are to be erected on City roads along with advertising on bus stands and hoardings.

A study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that 20mph speed limits are associated with a greater than 40% reduction in deaths and serious injuries for all road users, and can play a major part in improving safety and comfort for cycling and walking.