2012 Olympics

The Construction Phase and Existing Routes

LCC is concerned about the amount of construction traffic that may be generated by work on the Olympics site, its effect on conditions for cyclists on the road network in London, and the possible loss of existing routes and cycle facilities before and during the Olympics, especially in areas such as the Lee Valley. The extensive use of HGVs raises issues of road danger reduction, and rail and water transport alternatives should be considered and actively developed wherever possible.

Greenway and Lea Valley cycle routes

Following lobbying by LCC and others we have secured the western end of the Greenway route and the Lea Navigation towpath from being closed. These routes will be upgraded to replace the loss of routes when other roads are closed.

There will now be a western entry point to the Olympic park, using the Greenway to improve access for cyclists from Central and West London. We still need to campaign strongly to protect access and cycle routes around the northern and eastern sides of the Olympic site. 

Eastway Cycle Circuit

Following objections from Eastway Cycle Users Group, led by LCC members, the LDA has decided to move the Eastway Cycle Circuit, currently on the Olympic site, to Hog Hill instead of the more distant Romney Marsh.

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