2012 Olympics successes

Construction phase

LCC has been campaigning for access for cyclists on key routes during the construction phase of the 2012 Olympics site.

Greenway and Lea Valley routes

Following lobbying by LCC and others we have secured the western end of the Greenway route and the Lea Navigation towpath from being closed. These routes will be upgraded to replace the loss of routes when other roads are closed.

There will now be a western entry point to the Olympic park, using the Greenway to improve access for cyclists from Central and West London.   We still need to campaign strongly to protect access and cycle routes around the northern and eastern sides of the Olympic site.

Eastway Cycle Circuit

Campaigners are celebrating the decision by the London Development Agency about where to re-locate Eastway Cycle Circuit following lobbying from the Eastway Users Group, led by LCC members. 

The LDA has changed its mind about its preferred site for the re-location after 83% of users who replied to its consultation preferred the Hog Hill site in Hainault, Redbrige to the alternative in Ramney Marsh beside the M25. Due to open in Spring 2007, the new site will be able to support the mountian bike races that have made Eastway such a favourite with users.

The LDA's decision comes after users were able to reopen the earlier consultation on the Rammey Marsh site to which there had been much opposition.

Users were able to point out that the Ramney Marsh site offered litte scope for off-road riding of any merit; even though Eastway has hosted the country's largest mountain bike race series for 12 years.

The Hog Hill site also has been approved by British Cycling who organise the national road racing programme. The current site at Eastway is closing this year to make way for the Olympic games facilities being built there.