2016: A big year for cycling!


In just five months, London elects its new Mayor. And whoever ends up with the job of running London, it’s clearly vital they have cycling firmly on their agenda for the next four years. That means we all have some work to do!

Currently, neither of the two frontrunner candidates, Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan, have made concrete, measurable commitments to expand programmes to make cycling safe and inviting for all. Plus, budget cuts loom and the same forces that opposed the new cycle superhighways are active again. That's is why we need your help with our upcoming ‘Sign for Cycling’ campaign; we need to make sure all the candidates understand how big an election issue cycling is for Londoners, and defend and grow the provision of international quality cycling facilities.

Letting the next Mayor off the hook on cycling could be a huge setback to progress made over the past few years - risking not just investment and commitment but the kind of high quality schemes we’re now beginning to see that not only make cycling safer but get many more people on bikes.

London is at a tipping point, if we don’t all take big steps to get people out of cars and onto bikes, or on foot; we’ll only face even more dangerous pollution levels and crippling congestion on our streets. The time to sign for cycling is now.

What candidates must commit to?

  1. A mini-Holland in every borough – we want London’s next Mayor to appropriately fund a large town centre cycling and walking scheme in every London borough over the next 10 years to enable and encourage more local journeys to be made by bike.
  2. More space for cycling – we want London’s next Mayor to make significant progress in their first term to improve all 33 of London’s most dangerous junctions as well as continuing to build high quality protected space for cycling on main roads at pace.
  3. Lorries fit for cities – we want London’s next Mayor to reduce road danger by taking all possible steps to make ‘direct vision’ lorries with minimal ‘blind spots’ the standard type used in London.

       How can you help?

We’ll be out in force spreading the ‘Sign for Cycling’ message, encouraging every Londoner who cycles, or wants to, to add their voice to our campaign and join our movement to create a cycling city that is safe and inviting for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy on cycles.

Our new campaign website will be launching soon, so watch this space and get ready to take action!

We’ll be looking for volunteers to help us and our local groups during the campaign, can you spare some time to make sure the next Mayor commits to make cycling safe?

From February to May, we’ll be looking for your support with:

  • Handing out flyers and chatting to cyclists in your local area, or at key cycle hotspots
  • Tagging parked bikes with campaign flyers
  • Coming in to our office in central London to help put together campaign packs while meeting other cyclists etc
  • Joining us collecting petition signatures on-street.

Come and join us – it’ll be fun, we promise!

Email getinvolved@lcc.org.uk or register your details here to let us know what you can help with! Let’s make London an amazing city for cycling in together.

Donate to support our Sign for Cycling campaign!

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