20mph on bridges will save lives and money says DfT

A report from the Department for Transport says 20mph speed limits on London's bridges would save lives and money.

The report, which remained unpublished until the LCC campaigns team demanded its release, backs LCC's calls for improved safety on London bridges

It found that cyclists are 15% more likely to be involved in a collision on one of the 13 central London bridges than on other roads.

Three-quarters of collisions on bridges involved vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Report says 20mph saves lives and cash
The report states that savings of up to £2 million could be made per year when balancing the price of implementing 20mph limits against the cost of casualties.

The report says picks out bridges in particular - Putney, Vauxhall, Westminster and London Bridge - where there's a very strong case for the increased safety 20mph brings.

No alternative for cyclists except bridges
LCC campaigns for the measure because it recognises that vulnerable road users such as cyclists are put at greater risk on bridges because of the heavy traffic and lack of alternative routes.

A 20mph limit is successfully enforced on Tower Bridge for structural reasons with no significant reduction in journey times.