4 September 2005 - Canal Festival - towpath closed

 On Sunday 4 September, from 11am to 5pm, the Angel Canal Festival takes place around the City Road basin. With stalls and attractions, and an attendance of up to 10,000 people, this means the Regent's Canal towpath will be closed for cycling between the entrance at Danbury Street / Vincent Terrace and the bridge at Shepherdess Walk / Packington Square.

Graham Street closed

Graham Street, which runs between City Road and Vincent Terrace, also forms part of the Festival site, and will be closed.

Please therefore use these short diversions:

Cycling from City Road avoiding Graham Street

Turn left into Coombs Street, Right into Remington Street, Left into Nelson Place, Right into Nelson Terrace, Left into Elia Street, Right into Colebrooke Row to join with the canal route.

If cycling westbound along canal

Dismount at Festival boundary,
Pass under Shepherdess Walk bridge at Festival start, Go up the ramp on the West side into Packington Street, Turn left into St Paul Street, Left into Rheidol Terrace, Straight into Danbury Street, Right into Gerrard Road, Left into Colebrooke Row to join with the Graham Street route.

If cycling eastbound along canal

Enter towpath at Packington Street, above instructions in reverse Or enter further east via steps at Baring Street / Bridport Place junction.

Further route information is given on London cycle map 10 produced by Transport for London.

If visiting the Festival by bike, please dismount promptly at the entrances, and follow all instructions given by stewards and police.

ICAG will be running an information stall at the Festival providing advice and assistance to all London cyclists.

For more information please contact Andrew Cornwell on 020 7359 6680.