650 join Critical Mass to remember fallen cyclists

The film was shot during Critical Mass by London Cycling Campaign (click to see it in a larger window)

Southwark Cyclists, the borough LCC group, took the lead in remembering the three cyclists killed this year in collisions with lorries during Friday night's Critical Mass bike ride.

Southwark Cyclists, Hackney Cyclists, LCC staff, and hundreds of others swelled the crowd to around 650, who were encouraged to visit the three locations where cyclist fatalities have occurred this year.

The riders also stopped in protest outside The Shard construction site. A lorry from the site was involved in the cyclist's death nearby. Local residents have complained about the lorries blocking narrow roads.

Co-ordinator of Southwark Cyclists Barry Mason said, "It was a wonderful, respectful and very moving evening that will help make a difference out there."

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "Two lorry deaths in 24 hours caused anger and sadness among many of London's cyclists.

"Last Friday's Critical Mass was a peaceful protest, which it's hoped will show motorists and politicians the depth of feeling over these regular and often avoidable fatalities."

Brilliant video – watching it made me very emotional. Lovely memory of an unforgettable evening.

As good as it is to see Critical Mass given any positive publicity, a few points need to be made: Critical Mass does not have leaders, so one cannot really 'take the lead', although suggestions are always welcome. Also most participants (I think) do not feel that Critical Mass should be viewed as a protest, it is cyclists collectively celebrating the joy of cycling. From time to time they may decide to visit specific locations to highlight road fatalities (or other perceived injustices), but in general we ride every month for a multitude of individual motivations
regretful former LCC member Rayne