7 Urgent Steps to Daily Cycling

On the way to work Credit: Rosie Collins

London Cycling Campaign welcomes the enthusiasm for cycling generated by the Hovis London Freewheel. Urgent action is needed to capitalise on this enthusiasm. London would benefit greatly if the tens of thousands of event participants, and many other Londoners, were to become regular cyclists. To turn occasional cyclists in London, and the rest of the UK, into regular cyclists we recommend the urgent adoption of the following measures.

  1. Free cycle training for all children and adults who want it.
  2. Promotion of ‘cycling on prescription’: a programme providing advice, cycle training and free bike hire at all GP practices.
  3. Rapid provision of high-quality cycle parking at every workplace, station and shopping area as well as in all new homes. 
  4. Creation of a mass bike hire scheme across London zones 1 and 2 by 2009
  5. Government legislation requiring all HGVs to be fitted with full safety mirrors
  6. A twenty mile per hour speed limit in places where people live and work
  7. Urgent action to make all road junctions cycle friendly

Koy Thomson, London Cycling Campaign’s Chief Executive said “Each Freewheel participant supported to be regular cyclist generates social, economic and environmental benefits for themselves and London. London loses if we fail to take the minimum seven steps.”